Introduction of the new Uniclean® PL II 10 at Medica
30. Listopad 2016
MMM Group introduces the new, compact washer disinfector Uniclean® PL II 10 for the first time at Medica 2016. The space-saving machine for a capacity of 10 DIN trays was specially developed for the CSSD or outpatient operating centers with limited...
Medica Dusseldorf entrance hall
New strategic partnership for Australia
24. Październik 2016
MMM Group, one of the global leading suppliers of CSSD solutions is proud to announce that our world-class Cleaning/Disinfection and Sterilization products and solutions are now available across Australia. With a market leading position in...
Cooperation Meiko is Australien partner for MMM Group
MMM organises 1st SteriFORUM in Switzerland
01. Wrzesień 2016
The success of the "Steritreff" event model in Germany has motivated the MMM Group to hold a training day for the CSSD staff in Switzerland for the first time, too. Under the slogan "Best practice in reprocessing / CSSD",...
MMM Group helps Hospital Freiberg to become "the most modern CSSD in Saxony"
09. Lipiec 2016
"It is a modern, if not the most modern, sterilization department in Saxony," says Peik Mutzke, Chief Physician of Orthopedics / Trauma Surgery, about the project of the MMM Group in Hospital Freiberg. In the new CSSD the latest standard...
Hospital Freiberg
MMM awarded as TOP 100 Innovator 2016
25. Czerwiec 2016
For the second time after 2014 MMM has been awarded for its innovation potential with the TOP 100 Innovator award. MMM received the award in category C - "SMEs with more than 250 employees". The award ceremony took place on 24th of June...
TOP 100 Innovator awards news
MMM supports malaria study in Nigeria
02. Czerwiec 2014
In cooperation with Medical Mission Institute Würzburg and Helios Kliniken Schwerin, the MMM Group has supported a pilot study on the spread of malaria. According to World Health Organization, infectious disease is the world's eighth place...
Malaria studies news
New CSSD in Langenthal (CH)
17. luty 2014
State-of-the-art technology for the Clinic Oberaargau: A new building with a vision The hospital region Oberaargau (SRO) AG has put into operation its new building in Langenthal: Six new operating rooms, a new large CSSD (central sterile supply...
Hospital Langenthal CSSD department